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Continuity of Care

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Cate's Chemist TAIHS Opened Oct 2018!

Convenient Health Solutions


Medicines & Health Products

PBS, CTG, Private, Pharmacy Only and Pharmacist Only Medicines

Defence Friendly; ask about DVA entitlements and advice on other services around town

Cosmetics and Fragrances

Family Planning

First Aid & Health Care

Foot Care

Hair Care


Skin Care

Sports Braces & Rubs


Vitamins & Natural Health

Australian Government PBS Approved


Health Services

Sleep Apnoea Testing

Vaccination Services

Pharmacist Consultations such as Medication Continuance (especially between hospital and community based health care), Medication Counselling, MedsCheck, Diabetes MedsCheck, Medication Profiling, MedsIndex, Medical Certificates and Home Medicines Review

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Medication Packing


Script Minder

Return of Unwanted Medicines

Diabetes Management

Smoking Cessation


B2B & Consulting

Cate's Chemists are licensed to manufacture and licensed to wholesale. Call 07 4772 2473 to engage us to support your business.

Our business support and project management services include Enhanced Service Delivery to medical centres; Contracted Pharmacist services; Project managing the implementation and managing a new pharmacy or other new health services (such as pathology); Design, technical and works support for projects; and Management, management consulting, coaching and business services support to residential care, medical centres and other health businesses.

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