Accu-Chek FastClix 102 Lancets

Accu-Chek FastClix 102 Lancets

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The AccuChek Fastclix lancets are designed to be used in the FastClix device. These replacement drums contain 6 preloaded lancets per drum, which means no lancet handling. They offer a rotatable cap with 11 depth settings and the needle width is 0.3mm. 1-Click action enables you to prime and release in one simple action. This makes it quick and more convenient to obtain a blood sample as there are fewer handling steps.

Directions For Use
Inserting a drum:
Remove cap at the end of the device, Insert lancet drum & Replace cap.

Setting the penetration depth:
Turn the rotatable cap to select from 11 settings. Start with 2, and adjust depending on your skin type.

Obtaining a blood sample:
Push the release button to prime and release in 1-Click action

Loading a new lancet:
There is a lever next to the window showing the number of available lancets. Slide the lever back and forth to change to a new lancet. The number in the window changes, telling you how many lancets remain in the drum.




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