GC Tooth Mousse Melon 40g

GC Tooth Mousse Melon 40g

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GC Tooth Mousse® is a delicious tasting crème that contains calcium and phosphate; the major minerals teeth are made from. Because calcium and phosphate are carried in a special milk-derived protein called RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP), they are available in a soluble form. This means GC Tooth Mousse® can protect the teeth and replace minerals lost by regular acid attack after eating and drinking. 
A dental professional is the best person to discuss specific issues relating to your oral health. Based on their diagnosis, they can advise if GC Tooth Mousse® would be beneficial for you. 


If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.
Always read and follow instructions for use
GC Tooth Mousse® should not be used on patients with a proven or suspected milk protein allergy and/or with a sensitivity or allergy to benzoate preservatives.
If any allergic reaction occurs, this may indicate sensitivity to the benzoate preservatives, or to some other component of the product. In this event, discontinue use of the product and contact your physician.

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